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PiPE’s mission is to partner with houseless, street-dependent, and marginalized survivors to reduce harm, provide opportunities to heal from trauma, fight systemic oppression and build lasting connections for our community. 

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Our Services

Our Services

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Advocacy is available for people who are unhoused or street-dependent in Thurston County who have experienced domestic violence, sexual violence, sex trafficking human trafficking, identity based violence or hate crimes.  We prioritize providing advocacy to those who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or People of Color) or LGBTQ2+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer.) Through advocates, you can access emotional support or assistance to clarify issues, solve problems, identify barriers to safety, and develop safety checking and planning skills.

Holistic Services

PiPE’s Holistic Services program actively works to bring services offered by PiPE and the larger social services community together, to ensure that holistic services are accessible to those who need them. The goal of this program is to create access points to many different services, and to be knowledgeable about potential barriers to care, so that we can support participants in getting their holistic needs met in culturally appropriate, harm reductive ways. This program has a focus on healing from systemic violence and harm for our participants.


PiPE host’s drop-ins twice weekly for our participants who meet our prioritized demographics.
Monday: 10am-2pm for Youth and Young Adults

Tuesday: 10am-2pm with intake

Thursday: 10am-2pm, with intake, and are at increased risk of harm based on  gender identity. Drop-ins offer individual advocacy if wanted, a hot meal, TV, games, art and other activities, and a safe and respectful place for community engagement.

Kind Words

"Amazing folks. Very healing environment with knowledgable, open-minded and quite readily assisting youth in our community!"

- Anonymous Survivor

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