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PiPE has funding to contract with interpreters as needed.

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PiPE’s mission is to partner with houseless, street-dependent, and marginalized survivors to reduce harm, provide opportunities to heal from trauma, fight systemic oppression and build lasting connections for our community. 

Basic ADA Information

  • Driveway parking during open hours for disabled people.

  • No stairs, ramp up to front door.

  • There are stairs to the upstairs offices.

  • Bathroom & Shower is not ADA accessible, no bathtub

  • Drop-ins are not a guaranteed low-scent or scent-free space, though we work hard to lessen the use of artificial scents.

*Please be aware that as service providers, we are mandated reporters and are required by law to contact Protective Services if you are in immediate danger from yourself or another and we have identifying information (such as your legal name, age, or place of residence). In an effort to empower individuals, we are committed to providing you with an accurate representation of our abilities and limitations. 

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